It’s time for planners to optimize earnings, and increase RFP productivity

HopSkip is a software platform for planners and hotels to book meeting space and room blocks at hotel properties



Spending the first four years of my career as a management consultant required me to live in hotel rooms every Monday through Friday, pretty much every week of the year. Being a seasoned business traveler, I "thought" I knew the hotel booking process well, but quickly learned that I was mistaken.

It all started when I was "voluntold" to assist in the planning process for the annual conference hosted by the firm. I found out this type of booking needed to be done by directly contacting the sales teams at the hotels. After 17 phone calls spanning over 9 (business) days I was able to get through to a few sales managers for these hotels and was finally able to receive some proposals. Each proposal came in various formats, had different concessions and stipulations, which made it impossible to present to my leadership team in their current form. So, back to work I went sifting through these proposals, pulling out the key information I thought my leadership team would need to see in order to decide the appropriate hotel to select.

That painful, manual process got me thinking that there needed to be a better way to book a group or a meeting at a hotel property. Groups and meetings have been sourced and booked at hotels for over 100 years- why hasn’t this process been improved?

Well, four years later and after over thousands of conversations with planners and hoteliers discussing what needs to be included to create the most well-rounded solution to source a group or meeting at a hotel property, we’re proud to bring you HopSkip.

rgb - circle and text v - primaryHopSkip is a sourcing platform that optimizes commission earnings and increases productivity for planners who book groups and meetings at hotels. Unlike other software solutions and 3rd party sourcing companies, HopSkip allows the planner to maintain control and transparency of the process while generating revenue for their own organization by earning 100% of the commission generated from the hotel.

At HopSkip we focus on solely on being the best tool to source meeting and event space and/or room blocks to empower the planner to enhance their business and improve the quality and productivity of the RFP process. Whether you’re an independent planner, a meeting and event planning company, or an enterprise planner- HopSkip has a solution for you.

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