Planner Resilience: Heather Allen of Mindful Meeting Pros.

Learn how Heather Allen, CMP from Mindful Meeting Pros is navigating the turbulent waters that hit the meetings and events industry



We brainstormed about ways to help our clients during these struggling times, and created a new division called Meetings Delivered by Mindful Meeting Pros, which we offer completely customizable kits that can be drop-shipped to individual addresses - whether it’s to complement a virtual event or even to convey a simple thank you to employees or customers.  


We’ve got coffee break kits, fitness breaks, themed kits, such as Taco Tuesday, Margarita Monday- you name it, we can create it, complete with company logos.  It makes a great sponsorship opportunity for clients, especially when used in conjunction with a virtual meeting, to offset some of the unplanned costs. 

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