Planner Resilience: Kite Meeting Management

Learn how meeting and event planners showed resilience and adapted throughout the uncertainty covid-19 brought the meetings and events industry




How were you able to adapt during COVID-19 when the meeting and events industry got disrupted?


Glenna Fulks, Chief Connecting Officer of Kite Meeting Management

When it became obvious that meetings had come to a screeching halt, I posted that I would gladly review any existing contract and provide free advice and answer any questions. This was a time to pool our collective resources. There were a few who took me up on my offer, and I answered questions about postponements, as well as explaining the difference between Force Majeure and Failure to Perform.

It then became obvious we were all going to be sheltering in place and working from home, so my next idea was to create a customized mailing box with the Kite logo and colors. Inside was a beverage tumbler, ear buds and a charging disc, all designed to help make working from home a bit easier and imprinted with the Kite logo. Some of the recipients loved the idea so much they hired me to create care packages for their company to send to their clients.

And finally, I did a deep dive into virtual event planning. How to create experiences that were as realistic as face-to-face meetings, but in digital form. If you can imagine it, whatever it is, we can absolutely create and make it come to life. The principal that guides Kite Meetings is simple. We take any meeting, conference or special event to a new level of excellence.

Stay tuned for the next planner resilience story in our HopSkip Planner Resilience Series, where we spotlight meeting and event planners who have demonstrated great resilience to adapt to the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought to the events industry.



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