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Planner Resilience: The New Normal Events

January 27, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

How were you able to adapt during COVID-19 when the meeting and events industry got disrupted?


Mai Miller, Co-Founder and VP of Client Services, The New Normal Events 


1. Early in the pandemic I was laid off + lost my dream job as an internal event planner for a brilliant + innovative Biotech company in Cambridge, MA. Losing my livelihood, insurance, stability, certainty and perhaps even more acutely, my purpose.

2. I took a beat and was devastated. Completely gutted. I threw a good old fashioned pity party. For myself, my colleagues, for the nation, for everything.

3. Weeks later, I took another beat and leapt in to action starting a teeny, tiny boutique virtual events company in the isolation of my one bedroom apartment.

4. For months I worked quietly, patiently, humbly + painstakingly from the headquarters of my kitchen table not knowing if this would ever, ever take off.

5. Three weeks ago, I designed, produced + executed Howard Stern's virtual holiday party.

6. This week the event received a 5 star review.

ANYTHING can happen. Absolutely anything. Keep going. From your kitchen table. From your armchair. From your bar stool. Anything can happen at anytime. I believe it for me + I believe it for you. Happiest New Year, friends. Leave a little room in your heart for the unimaginable!

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Check out Mai's original LinkedIn post here where she compiled over 12,000 views as of the date of this posting.

This post is part of the HopSkip Planner Spotlight Series where we celebrate the positivity and optimism shown by planners across the industry when navigating the turbulent waters that COVID-19 has brought the meetings and events industry.   Keep an eye out as we release more stories like this over the next few months.


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