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Planners, automate your cost savings for your next hotel event

October 19, 2022
Reading time: 2 min

HopSkip recently asked over 100 planners, "how do you communicate cost savings to your stakeholders or clients when booking events?"  Close to 75% of planners responded they track and communicate event cost savings via email and spreadsheets.

Why use an automated system?

Event planners have a lot on their plate. In addition to managing every last detail of an event, they are responsible for ensuring that the event comes in on budget. This can be a daunting task, especially if the event is large and complex, and it can be very time-consuming if done manually. Fortunately, there is a way to make it easier.

There are many reasons why meeting planners should consider using an automated system to track and communicate event cost savings. First and foremost, it saves time. Planners no longer have to track all of the costs associated with an event manually - they can simply input the information into the system and let it do the work for them.

Using an automated system ensures that planners are getting the best possible deals for their meetings or event. By automatically comparing prices across different vendors, planners can be confident that they are finding the most cost-effective venue. And because all of the information is stored in one central location, it is easy to access and share with stakeholders or clients.

By automating the process of tracking and communicating event cost savings, planners can spend more time planning amazing event experiences that wow guests instead of spending hours poring over spreadsheets and numbers.

So, how does it actually work?

HopSkip, a meeting and event booking platform, does all the hard work for you so you can focus on what you do best - planning amazing events!

Here's how it works:  HopSkip tracks all your event costs in one place, so you always know where you stand financially. This means no more manually adding up costs from different vendors!

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HopSkip compares your event costs against pre-negotiated rates, so you can quickly see how much money you're saving.

HopSkip automatically generates reports that show your cost savings, which you can easily share with clients or stakeholders. These reports also show how much money you've saved over time;  empowering planners to demonstrate your value to your boss or clients.


Automating the process of tracking and communicating event cost savings is a great way for meeting planners to save time and money. Planners can get the best possible deals on their meeting and event venues using HopSkip. And because all of the information is stored in one central location, it is easy to access and share with stakeholders or clients. So if you're looking for a way to streamline your event planning process and put your cost-savings on auto-pilot, sign up to HopSkip for free - it just might be the key to making your next event a success!

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