Planner Resilience: Strategic Planning Partners

Meeting and event planner Kimberly Stansell, describes her mantra of how to stay innovative, positive and successful while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic



COVID-19 inspired my mantra: Stay INFORMED, CONNECTED and ENCOURAGED! These pillars have guided my business focus:

1. Identified bridge-the-gap resources. It’s imperative I continue to invest in my business and professional development. I took advantage of COVID-related grants, discounts and waivers, scholarships, and the like that I was eligible for.

2. Upskilled for the long-haul. I got educated through COVID-19 certificate programs (Pandemic Compliance Advisor) and offerings on how-to create and manage virtual, digital, and hybrid meeting-events.

3. Stayed in touch with client-partners. Mailed cards to clients on the one-year anniversary of our last meeting-event to say hello and remind them of a humorous moment.

4. Welcomed other opportunities. Most planners have a broad skill-set. I’ve used mine to consult on marketing, small business management and professional coaching.

5. Lastly, I’ve allowed myself to breathe and remember this too shall pass

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