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167 Questions To Consider Asking On Your Next Site Visit

June 10, 2021
Reading time: 2 min

Leave Nothing to Chance on Your Next Site Visit 

As more states begin to relax and revise the restrictions imposed during the recent COVID19 pandemic, we will see more rescheduling and rebooking of the canceled meetings and events from the last year. And a great tool to utilize for the distribution of your RFPs, as you search for and contract with the perfect venue, is HopSkip.

It’s great news that the hospitality industry is rebounding, however coming together face-to-face dictates that planners be prepared and have full assurance that all the attendees feel safe and secure within the selected venue. That will require meeting planners to perform more due diligence than ever during the site visit and inspection process.

I’ve been a meeting planner for 20-plus years and have conducted hundreds of site visits. It’s my duty, just like it’s yours, to look for and find the best and most appropriate venues for the programs our clients entrust us to plan and produce on their behalf. We must ask the questions and receive responses that provide us with confidence in the hotels we consider and source for the programs.

Several years ago, I created a standard site visit questionnaire for the programs I was sourcing for pharmaceutical and medical device programs. It’s six pages in length and covers a lot of territory, and out of necessity, I recently updated it to focus on the new issues and concerns that have arisen as a result of COVID19.

Ideally, the hotels that you ask these questions should provide you responses before the site visit. One of the conveniences of utilizing HopSkip as a sourcing tool is that a lot of the information can be difficult to find on public websites of these hotels, HopSkip has a lot of the information available to you as you begin your hotel search process. As a planner one of the features available to you is the ability to ask questions upfront during the RFP process so that when you receive your proposals from the hotels, you also receive answers to all of the questions you asked, waiting in your dashboard, nice, neat, and organized. As an added bonus, we can even compare hotels' answers to our questions side by side!

It’s also helpful if you have time to review and familiarize yourself with the responses before you walk and review the property. It’s crucial that we leave nothing to chance and have assurance from our hotel partners that we have made the best possible decision and have confidence in the venue selected for the program.

Feel free to download a copy of my questionnaire and use it for your upcoming site visits. You can tailor it to fit your needs, based on the type of programs you are planning, but this gives you a great head start.

Once you select a hotel and begin to plan your event, I suggest keeping a copy of the completed questionnaire in your notebook or digital file. There are many pieces of information on the questionnaire that will be helpful as you detail your program and it’s a handy document to refer to during the planning process. Now, more than ever before, we need to help each other to keep the hospitality industry strong and thriving.

The author is the owner of Kite Meeting Management, a premier meeting planning agency created and built with 20 years of hands-on experience as a corporate planner of internal meetings, external user-conferences, incentives, board meetings, pharmaceutical investigator programs, symposia, world congresses, and tradeshows, both domestically and internationally. Kite Meetings is also your visibility expert, working hand-in-hand to create and develop themes, designs, content, registration websites, and videos as well as your go-to to procure the perfect gifts and swag for the event. Kite Meetings is aiming higher and going farther, every single time. Visit our website at www.kitemeetings.com and allow us to reduce your stress while elevating your event to the next level of excellence.


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